Essential Options for the Sexy latex Clothes Now

Before you begin make sure you are not allergic to latex. Cut cheap latex gloves into strips and place on different places of your skin (under the bra strap, inside the sock, under the belt) and, after an hour or two, check for signs of irritation.

How to buy latex clothes

Latex clothing is mainly of two types: glued and molded. Molded latex is most common when molten rubber is poured into molds to make one seamless piece of clothing. Molded latex is usually much cheaper, a little thicker, and harder to pierce or tear.

Glued latex is made from sheets of latex, which are cut to size and are held together manually with glue. Glued clothes usually sit a little better, are of more interesting shape and forms, and give a brighter shine when polished.

If you are new to the latex theme, it makes sense to start with molded clothes. It is usually thicker and slower to wear. Its disadvantage is that it very rarely has zippers or even clasps, which means that putting it on and taking it off is somewhat more difficult than usual.

How to wear latex

Due to the fact that latex rubber is highly stretched, clothes from it can be quite difficult to put on and take off. In addition, careless handling is easy to damage.

  • Before putting on rubber, you should take some precautions. First, do not try to wear rubber for the first time on your own. Ask a friend or partner to help you. Since the fabric has a tendency to fold, it can fold into a thick strip that can restrict breathing or make it difficult to take off.
  • Secondly, due to the fact that the rubber does not allow air, it is necessary to put it very carefully over the head. To get stuck in a half-dressed dress without the ability to breathe is rather unpleasant and dangerous.
  • Before you get dressed, take a look at the outfit and think logically how best to wear it. T-shirt or top will have to be worn over the head, but most other things are best worn over the legs. If you have a voluminous ass, you may prefer to wear over your head, and for large breasts it may be more comfortable to wear over your legs.

The Final Thing

After you choose a lubricant, turn your outfit inside out and lubricate it. You only need a very thin layer of lubricant from the inside to help you get dressed, so apply it moderately over the entire surface of the object, and then turn it back on the right side. If you are using renewal powder or corn starch, it is also necessary to put a small amount of it on the body. For more on this you can make a visit to now.

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