Sex Doll

Pleasure is a Bonus: Here Are 3 Worthy Reasons to Own a Sex Doll

It’s about time we dropped the false notion that sex dolls are only a match for sexually frustrated folks. Unfortunately, much of the stigma around these toys is still connected to that stereotyped mentality.

What most people haven’t learned is that the use of sex dolls is linked to amazing benefits beyond satisfaction, including stress relief, prostate cancer prevention, and of course, the release of “happy chemicals” in the brain. We’ll get to them in a minute. 

Relying on your hands on a daily basis might disappoint you sooner or later, but good sex dolls never will. Here’s why.  

Make a choice according to your preferences

We’re not talking about balloon-looking, wide-mouthed fake toys that aren’t nearly reminiscent of real people. Times have changed, and dull inflatable models have been replaced by gorgeous, humanlike ones. Male or female, they’re made of solid TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), which feels as soft as skin and is stretchable. Their metal skeleton allows you to put them in whatever positions that may suit your needs, and they can be used for years without damage.  

Now, let’s talk preferences. Are you into redheads? You can choose from an array of beautiful redhead sex dolls. Like muscular guys? Go ahead and grab the manliest doll you can find. Skin color, eye color, hair type…they’re all up to you. The dolls are professionally designed to make your sex life not only pleasurable, but personalized. 

Say goodbye to the potential dangers of real relationships

Whether you’ve recently left an abusive relationship, are too focused on yourself and your goals, or just can’t envision yourself cuffing someone anytime soon (no pun intended), you’re absolutely entitled to some “me time” for as long as you wish. But consider yourself warned: sex is not only a physical activity, but a spiritual need. You can go without it to avoid a range of problems, but it’ll likely frustrate you — and that’s why realistic dolls exist.

Sex is amazing, but often the person you practice it with isn’t the whole package. Toxic relationships, pregnancy scares, and STD risks can pretty much invalidate the urgent need for a significant other. And that’s a good thing. Hopping from fling to fling could pose risks to both your physical and mental health (tough breakups, anyone?). What’s more, you don’t need an actual human being to fulfill your desires. They just need to look like one.

Take your time to meet someone you really trust and want to be with. With realistic sex dolls, there’s no rush at all.  

Buy a sex doll, get a healthier life in return

Frequent male ejaculation decreases the risk of prostate cancer, because it gets rid of natural toxins that build up on the urogenital tract. For both men and women, orgasms release neurochemicals such as endorphins and dopamine. This flood of rewarding chemicals relieve stress, thus protecting your immunity and leaving your mind and body at ease to fall into a sound, peaceful sleep. Need we say more? 

Humans have an inherent need for intercourse, and although we’re naturally exposed to risks and surprises — both physical and psychological — when putting it to practice, those are nonexistent when it comes to sex dolls, as long as you don’t share them. 

Discovering your favorite positions, spots, and fantasies will build your confidence and make it easier to determine what you’d love in a partner. Give yourself some well-earned alone time with these perfectly designed lifelike dolls, and you’ll find out exactly who you are in bed. Trust us: they’re the closest you’ll get to the real deal. 

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