Greater Feelings with the Best Sex Games for You

If you have a vagina, you’ve probably heard of the fabled clitoris is a supposed “magic button” that gives you orgasms that makes you feel mountains move. However owning a clitoris is not enough for it unfortunately yet – stimulating them is a little more complicated. But if you can do it, you will have a lot of fun.

Much of the clitoris is inside the body of the female body, with the size varying from person to person. Whether you think you already know your own anatomy or are too anxious to look up a mirror so you can see what is going on there, we find that all women benefit from some tips about this sensational genital organ can.

Over all the discussions about the female orgasm and about how woman reaches him best during sex, we like to forget the men. Oh, wait a minute: Men, these are these omnipotent beings who are basically always satisfied in sexual terms, as long as they only come to the train? No, this idea is of course nonsense. Maybe it’s true that the female gender is a bit more anatomically a bit more complex, but of course men also distinguish between simple clean-out maneuvers and good, fulfilling sex.

So what makes the latter? Spoiler: It does not depend on particularly sophisticated techniques, but only on five basic things. That’s what most men in bed want from their partner:

  1. Take the initiative

Many men want their partner to take the first step in sex more often. Of course, you can attack him from nowhere like a wild love fury, but you do not have to. The most effective way to do it is with subtle erotic gestures on tours that make his fantasy glow. A slipping wearer, a deep look or the information that you just do not wear anything underneath: Through this deliberate play with little appetizers you signal that you have taken pleasure in him, lust for sex and from now on the control.

  1. Take a slow walk

Men like to get straight to the point? Well, they really do not hold it any differently from the women: sometimes it likes to go fast and dirty, but usually there is an extensive foreplay to good sex. According to a large-scale US study, the erotic warm-up phase from male point of view may take fifteen minutes. Sensual interactions such as kissing, caressing and whispering also create a special intimacy during the actual act.

  1. Let the light on

Male craving is primarily controlled by visual stimuli the more you see during lovemaking, the better. And just do not worry about supposed problem areas: First, your partner loves you exactly as you are, and secondly, his brain sets a filter anyway during sex anyway, so that dents and Co. disappear completely. Of course, the neon lamp does not have to be, indirect light and candles provide a seductive shadow play. Through the furry sex games you can also stimulate the whole process.


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